Friday, February 28, 2020

Vicente Casas - Employee of the Week for 2/24/20 at Cook County Renovation!

Good morning IDI employees,  

We have yet another employee getting some safety recognition.  Drywall finisher, Vicente Casas, was chosen by Walsh Construction's Safety Manager, Rex Engle, as the employee of the week for 2/24/20 at the Cook County Hospital Renovation job site.  Each week, Rex Engle selects a trades-person that has demonstrated the highest level of dedication to working safely onsite to be Employee of the Week. Vicente earned this recognition by playing a pro-active role in the safety culture at this job site.  

Vicente says that the reason he works safe is: "For his Family and Himself!"

Vicente is a Chicago Bears fan, loves playing soccer and I love Vicente's answer as to what would be his dream vacation - "Just to be healthy."  

Vicente - great job, way to make IDI proud!  

Please congratulate Vicente when you see him.

Have a Safe Day!

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