Wednesday, October 19, 2011

303 Consecutive Days Since Our Last Lost-Time Injury

Good morning to all I.D.I. employees:  As of today, we are currently on a streak of 303 consecutive days worked since our last lost-time injury which occurred on 12/20/10.  That is a pretty darn good run, however, we are still over 100 days short of our record of 435 consecutive days worked between lost-time injuries.  This is a nice goal to shoot for which would be good for everyone in the company.  Our other shorter term goal is to finish out our current year with no more injuries.  Our year ends in 1 1/2 weeks on 10/31/11.  As you know from a previous article, we were at $0.31 cents injury cost per man hours worked and our goal is to be at $0.50 or better.  This would be our 1st time of exceeding this goal since we began tracking it 5 years ago.  As of today we have dropped another penny down to $0.30 injury cost per man hours worked.  We encourage you to stay focused on safety over the next week and a half to help us obtain and exceed this goal.  Reaching and exceeding this goal will enable I.D.I. to bid more competitively in the years to follow as this would help to reduce our insurance premiums.  Being able to bid more competitively can only help to get many of our family members back to work in this poor construction economy.  This will be discussed in further detail at our upcoming company wide quarterly safety meeting on 11/5/11.  Be safe for yourself and your loved ones as they count on it the most. 
Have a Safe Day!