Friday, July 29, 2011

Gloves When Handling Sharp Objects!

Good afternoon to all I.D.I. employees:  On Tuesday, one of our employees who is a drywall hanger, was cutting a metal stud with tin snips to use as backing for some drywall.  During this task of handling and cutting the metal stud, a small sharp metal burr on the stud punctured into his right middle finger.  He did not bleed and did not need medical care at the time.  In fact, he didn't report the incident to anyone at the time as he didn't think much of it.  Today, his finger is sore and swollen as he was developing an infection.  He went in for medical care and was supplied with anti-biotics.  He was released to full duty and he should be just fine for the long run. 
This employee was not wearing gloves while handling the metal studs.  This is just a reminder to all of our employees.  One of our company policies involving gloves states:  "Carpenters and framers are required to wear gloves when handling metal studs and track."  The policy continues on to say:  "All employees are required to wear gloves when handling or working around sharp objects."
We do not require drywall hangers to wear gloves while handling drywall as we realize that the gloves make it difficult to handle the drywall and difficult to grab the drywall screws.  However, when a drywall hanger changes his/her task to now handling a sharp object such as a metal stud, he/she would then be required to wear gloves. 
This policy is in place for your protection.  All employees at all times should have a pair of gloves in their back pocket or at least in their work location so they have them on hand when needed. 
This glove policy went into affect in February 2008 and we have had a huge decrease in our finger and hand laceration frequency.  Had the drywall hanger mentioned above been wearing gloves, it is likely that he would not have needed medical care today.
So, all I ask is that you show me some love and where the glove.  I know, keep your day job - Safety Pete.
Should you have any questions about our glove policies, please feel free to contact our Safety Director, Peter Graham at (847) 417-1689.
Have a Safe Day!