Friday, July 11, 2014

Where Are We At With Our Annual Safety Goals You Ask?

Good morning everyone,

As most of you know, we typically go over our annual safety goals and where we stand with them at our volunteer quarterly safety meetings.  Due to the safety meeting agendas, we didn't have time to go over the safety goals at the last 2 safety meetings. The following is an update as to where we stand in our current year which is for the period of 11/1/13 through 10/31/14. 

During our first 8 months of our current year (11/1/13 - today), we are doing terrific as far as meeting and/or surpassing our safety goals. 

Our #1 safety goal is to ensure that everyone went home alive:  We have had Zero work related fatalities and we haven't had one since Tony Pintozzi, Sr. opened the doors of I.D.I. in 1952.  This is something that Tony, Butch and Bill are very proud of and should give you and your loved ones confidence in that when you leave for work in the morning, that you will also be coming home to them after work at the end of the day. 

Our #2 safety goal is to have Zero Lost-Time Injuries:  So far this year we have had Zero lost-time injuries and in fact our previous lost-time injury occured 421 days ago back in May of 2013.  Our record for consecutive days worked between lost-time injuries over the past 15 years is 435 days.  To break that record, we would need to work up through July 25, 2014 without sustaining a lost-time injury.

Our #3 safety goal is to be at $0.50 cents or less injury cost per man hours worked or better:  This is calculated by taking our total cost of injuries including the medical bills, lost-time payments, expenses, etc. and dividing it by the total companies hours worked for the year.  Year-to-date we have spent $2,328.89 on injury costs and we have worked a total of 150,051 hours making our injury cost per man hours worked at $0.02 cents. 

Our #4 safety goal is to be at 1 injury for every 24,000 hours worked or better:  As of today we are at 1 injury for every 30,010.20 hours worked.  This means our injury frequency is lower this year than it has been over the past 5 years.   

Our #5 safety goal is to have no OSHA or EPA violations:  We have had Zero and in fact our last OSHA violation was in 1998.  OSHA and/or EPA violations come with high $ fines and they go on a companies record.  Many general contractors won't allow subcontractors to bid their work if they have OSHA violations on their record.  This is an important goal for all employees in our company in that if we have OSHA violations causing us to not bid certain general contractors work, there would be less job sites for our employees to be working at.  Not having OSHA violations will help enable I.D.I. to obtain more work to keep employees working to support themselves and their loved ones. 

As you can see from our safety goals mentioned above, we are having a terrific year when it comes to safety.  What does all of this mean to you?  It means that you can count on us in that we are doing everything in our power to help prevent an injury from occuring to you.  It means less pain caused to our employees.  It means that we would have an advantage over our competitors that are bidding the same work if they are not working as safe as we are.  It means that you are working for an employer that cares about you.  It means that you will be going home to your loved ones!

Lastly, we want to thank all of you for doing your part and working in a safe manner.  It is you that is making this happen.  It is in part because of your support at our volunteer quarterly safety meetings that helps us to sustain a pro-active and positive safety culture.  I.D.I. trains on safety, provides the safety equipment and resources to perform safely but it is our employees that are implementing safety and making it happen!  Please continue to work in the safest manner possible and to look out for each other. If you come across hazards at your job site, please report them to your lead field supervisor who should in turn report them to our Safety Director if help is needed in getting the hazard abated. 

Our Safety Mission Statement is: "Everyone Goes Home Alive and in the Same Condition as They Arrived; Your Loved Ones Count On It!"
We feel our safety mission statement is truly what your safety and well being is all about.

If you have any questions related to safety, please contact our Safety Director, Safety Pete at (847) 417-1689.

Have a Safe Day!