Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Awesome Video of Why a Daughter Wants Her Dad to Work Safe!!!!!

Good afternoon everyone,

In case you missed our volunteer quarterly safety meeting this past Saturday, I think everyone should see this video.  Even if you were present at the meeting, this is worth watching a 2nd time.  Back in March, we asked the loved ones of our employees to write a letter or to submit a video as to why it is important for their loved one (International Decorator's, employee) to work safe.  We received in a total of 5 letters and 4 videos of which all were unique in their own way and really hit it on the head as to why it is so important for our employees and for their loved ones sake, to work safe.  The video below is from our employee, Kevin Medcalf's daughter.  She couldn't have said it any better.  Kevin, you must be very proud of her!


Have a Safe Day!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Uploading Toolbox Talks to I.D.I.'s Facebook Page

Good morning to all I.D.I. employees,

Below is a copy of the handout from our volunteer quarterly safety meeting on Saturday in regards to Safety Coordinators video-taping their toolbox talks during the month of June and uploading the video(s) to our company's Facebook page. 

Safety Coordinators, 
During the month of June, 2014, we are asking our Safety Coordinators to be creative and to perform the best toolbox talk that you can, video-tape it and then post the video on International Decorator’s Facebook page.  You can be as creative, funny, serious, etc. as you want to be.  We are just asking that you perform a toolbox talk that benefits our employees to help keep them safe and injury-free. 

Here’s the scoop:
There are five Monday’s in June.  During one or all of your toolbox talk sessions in June, we are asking you to video-tape your toolbox talk sessions and upload the video(s) to our Facebook page.  We are going to reward the top 3 videos that receive the most “Likes!” 

How do I upload my video?
From your smart phone, you need to log on to I.D.I.’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/internationaldecorators.
  1. You must hit the “Like” icon and Like our Facebook page to be able to post a video.   
  2. To upload a video from your smart phone, you must be on I.D.I.’s Facebook page and click on the “write post” icon.
  3. Then, click on the icon that looks like a camera and you can select your video then click “Done.”
  4. Then on the next screen click “post” and your video will upload to our Facebook page.
  All Employees, 
Now that you’ve read the information above, you know what we are looking to accomplish.  Help the Safety Coordinators any way you can.  Once the toolbox talk videos are uploaded, we are asking you to log onto our IDI Facebook page at www.facebook.com/internationaldecorators and vote for your favorite toolbox talk videos by “Liking” them.   

The voting / “Liking” the videos will be going on during the whole month of June and on July 1st, we will tally up which 3 toolbox talk videos have the most likes.  The employees who were in attendance and signed the toolbox talk roster of the 3 winners will receive 500 bonus points toward our Safety Incentive program.  The winners will be recognized at our next volunteer quarterly safety meeting.
Lastly, the Safety Coordinator that conducted the toolbox talk session that receives the most "Likes" on our Facebook page during the month of June will win a Bosch Power Box 360 jobsite radio/charger/digital media stereo.
If you have any questions on how to upload a video or how to vote for your favorites or anything else pertaining to this, please call our Safety Director, Peter Graham at (847) 417-1689.
Have a Safe Day!