Friday, July 12, 2013

July 20th Safety Meeting Postponed!!!!!

Good morning to all I.D.I. Employees:

We are postponing our July, 20th quarterly safety meeting.  The meeting will most likely be held in September.

As we move closer to the 7/20/13 Saturday meeting date, we are coming to find out that we are going to have a large number of employees working on that Saturday during the meeting and they won't be able to be in attendance. We therefore are cancelling the meeting for now and we will reschedule it when the summer rush is over.

Please help to spread the word to our painters and tapers so that they don't show up at our office on Saturday, 7/20/13 as there will be no meeting on that date.

Once we have the new meeting date scheduled, we will ensure to advertise it and get meeting notices out to everyone ahead of the safety meeting date.

As always, please contact our Safety Director, Peter Graham with any questions.  He can be reached at (847) 417-1689 or by e-mail at

Have a Safe Day!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Painters & Tapers Only - Quarterly Safety Meeting, Saturday, 7/20/13 at 7:00am

Good afternoon to all I.D.I. employees:  Just a reminder of our upcoming volunteer quarterly safety meeting which will be held on Saturday, July 20th from 7:00am to about 9:00am.  The meeting is being held for the painters and tapers only as far as field personnel and it is also offered to the drivers, warehouse and office personnel.  We provide safety training as a benefit to our employees to help prevent you and our other family members from sustaining injuries. The quarterly safety meetings help us to sustain an overall positive safety culture and help steer us towards achieving our safety goals.  As you all know, our #1 and #2 safety goals are to have No Fatalities and Zero Lost-Time Injuries.  We are asking you to help us with these safety goals by voluntarily attending the safety meeting.  We hold these safety meetings on a quarterly basis in order to help keep safety at the forefront of everyone's mind.  At the safety meeting, we will discuss some injuries that occurred since we last met along with corrective measures to help prevent a reoccurrence, working in the heat, repetitive strain type injuries including job rotation and some other safety related items.

The meeting will be held at our usual meeting location at our Barrington office located at 28059 W. Commercial Ave in Barrington, IL.  

Please help spread the word!

As always, please contact our Safety Director, Peter Graham, with any questions.  You can reach him by e-mail at

Below are a few photos from our last quarterly safety meeting held in April, 2013.  

Have a Safe Day!