Monday, March 14, 2016

I.D.I.'s Procedures for Cluttered Job Sites!

Good morning to all I.D.I. employees: 

Below is one of the exercises we trained on at our volunteer quarterly safety meeting that was held on 2/13/16.  This is just a reminder of the procedures to be taken when you encounter a cluttered job site that you have limited room to safely maneuver in. (See the procedures to be taken below the photos)

You arrive at this job site in the morning and your task is to tape the walls.  
What Would You Do?  

Here are the procedures our Field Leaders came up with!

1.  Take pictures showing the job site area of concern.

2.  Clean up any mess that is ours - any equipment or materials that belong to I.D.I. that can be cleaned up quickly, easily and safely. 

3.  Take more pictures after cleaning up and organizing our equipment and materials.

4.  Assess the situation. 

5.  If the area is still cluttered with other contractor's equipment and materials, clean up what you can if it can be done quickly, easily and safely.  

6.  Take more pictures showing the improvements and current conditions. 

7.  Assess the situation again to determine if it is safe to work in.  If not - move to the next step.  
8.  Seek out assistance from the general contractor if they are on site. 

9.  Text before and after photos to your Superintendent along with a description of the situation and communicate about the issue. 

10.  Your Superintendent will communicate with you and determine our next course of action.  

If you have any questions regarding the above procedures, please contact your Superintendent. 

Have a Safe Day!