Wednesday, March 14, 2012

February Quarterly Safety Meeting Attendance Goal!

Good morning to all I.D.I. employees:  As you all know, we have 7 major safety goals that we discuss at all of our quarterly safety meetings.  Two of those goals are related to attendance at our quarterly safety meetings and they are to have a 75% show up rate of all field employees and an 80% show up rate for our Safety Coordinators.  We completed our first quarterly safety meeting of 2012 and the following are the show up rates.  We had a total of 81 field employees on the payroll for the week ending 2/25/12 and 70 field employees attended the safety meeting for a show up percentage of 86% which is 11% better than goal.  We had 43 Safety Coordinators on the payroll for week ending 2/25/12 and 38 attended the safety meeting for a show up percentage of 88% which is 8% better than goal.  We want to extend a huge thank you to all of the employees that attended to help sustain our positive safety culture and to exceed our attendance goals.  You attending the safety meetings shows that you are a team player, you care about your own safety and the other I.D.I. family members around you.  I also want to mention that there were 14 employees in attendance that were not on the payroll during the week of the meeting bringing the total attendees count to 84.  To those 14 employees - thank you for showing you care even when we are slow and you aren't working.  Hopefully the economy continues to improve, I.D.I. sales increase and we can get everyone back working which is a win-win for everyone.  Our next quarterly safety meeting will be in May.  Once we have the exact date and topic, we will provide that information to you.  In the meantime, have a safe day and keep looking out for each other. 
Thank you, Safety Pete