Wednesday, May 22, 2013

From the "I Caught You" Series

At International Decorators, we have a habit of catching our employees performing safely! Below are a few action shots of our employees being caught in action performing in a safe manner or showing something they did for the safety of our employees.

Great job everyone!  You are helping us to live up to our safety mission statement which is:
"Everyone Goes Home Alive and in the Same Condition as They Arrived; Your Loved Ones Count On It."

This stairwell scaffold was built like a tank by Keith Rehn.
Wall to wall 3/4" plywood decking on top of 6 aluminum planks, etc.  Great job - Keith!
Same scaffold, just another view
One last view of the same scaffold from underneath
Can I build a scaffold or what!  Great job - Keith!

Salvador Rodriguez, taping walls in a safe manner and wearing the correct PPE for the job.
This guy is so confident with his taping abilities that he wears a $200.00 shirt while taping as he knows all the mud is going on the wall only.  
A couple of I.D.I.'s finest performing housekeeping and game planning.
Great job also with wearing the appropriate PPE - Joe Vess, Cesar Chavez and Jaime Martinez
Taper, Fernando Rodriguez tying off with fall arrest equipment while working in an elevator shaft.
Is this guy ever not smiling?  Great job - Fernando!
Lead Interior Framing Supervisor, Dan Hilt & Superintendent, Brian Haese -
Doing some serious thinking & planning at the O.C.C. project.  While doing so, they are wearing the appropriate PPE for a construction project.  Great job - gentlemen!