Monday, July 13, 2015

OSHA Construction 30-hour Course - Online for $115.00

Good afternoon I.D.I. employees,

As you all know, as part of our 2015 Volunteer Safety Training Incentive Program, we offer 100 safety training incentive points per hour for safety training courses taken outside of our company. If anyone is interested in taking the Construction OSHA 30-Hour course online over the internet, it is now being offered through the Lake County Contractors Association (LCCA) for $115.00. This is the lowest price that we have found anywhere. LCCA is now offering this to its members only at this low price. I.D.I. is a member of LCCA. If you do want to enroll in this online course, you need to contact our Safety Director, Peter Graham as he has register you. 

Why should you enroll in the OSHA 30-hour Construction Safety Course? For starters, this course provides a good solid foundation of safety training. You will be provided with 30 hours of construction safety training that can help you to sustain a long-term healthy & injury-free career in the construction field. This course may just save your life! The OSHA 30-hour course is not just good for you as far as work goes as it teaches invaluable life skills that you can take with you and use anywhere for the rest of your life as this card never expires. This course also looks terrific on a trade person's resume. Many employers are getting choosier when it comes to seeking out new hires and having your OSHA 30-hour card is what may make you the front runner.

Another reason we are encouraging participation in an OSHA 30-hour course is that we are bidding work to general contractors that require us to man their projects with employees that have taken this course within the past 3 years. By taking this course, you make yourself more valuable to a Superintendent when they are choosing their work crews for various job sites. I also want to mention that if you do take this course; that it does not guarantee that you will work but it does make you a more viable option.    

Lastly, if you have taken the OSHA 30-hour course and if you have not provided us with a copy of your card, please send a copy of your card to Peter Graham so we can document this on your I.D.I. safety record.

Make yourself standout in the crowd!

If any employees want to take this course or if you have any questions about this course, please contact our Safety Director, Peter Graham at Just send Safety Pete an e-mail and he will contact you.

Unfortunately this course is not yet being offered in Spanish at the $115.00 price.

Have a Safe Day!