Thursday, April 13, 2017

Next Volunteer Quarterly Safety Meeting on Saturday, 5/6/17 at 7:00am!

Good morning to all I.D.I. employees,

Just getting the word out that our next Volunteer Quarterly Safety Meeting of 2017 will be held on Saturday, May 6th at 7:00am at our main office located at 28059 W. Commercial Ave., Barrington, IL.  The main training topic will be on Aerial Lift Safety including both scissor lifts and boom lifts.

We use aerial lifts almost daily at one job site or another and it is important to know the do's and dont's of working in aerial lifts.  Struck-By and Caught-Between type injuries are 2 of OSHA's Focused Four topics as they cause a significant amount of fatalities in the construction industry.  We will include training on how to prevent Struck-By and Caught-Between type injuries involving aerial lifts.  We feel this is a very important topic as we use a numerous amount of aerial lifts on a given day and employees are required to have had aerial lift training before they can operate an aerial lift.  We will continue to advertise this meeting as we get closer to the meeting date.  In the meantime, we are asking for everyone's help to spread the word of the meeting date, time and topic.

In the meantime, keep safety at the forefront of your mind with each task that you perform. Everyone should be participating in the mandatory 5-minute morning daily safety huddles to help promote everyone performing in a safe manner.  Some quick reminders - 100% hard hats, safety glasses & work boots.  Check your extension cords and electrical cords daily and remove them from service if defective. Inspect all tools, equipment, scaffold and aerial lifts prior to use and again, remove them from service if they are defective.  Face shield and fire extinguishers required for chop saw and partner saw use.  Fall protection required for all employees exposed to falls of 6' or more to lower levels.  No standing on the top 2 steps of portable A-frame step ladders and can only use in the fully open position with the spreader arms locked.  Keep an eye on each other and help keep our I.D.I. family members safe so they can go home each day to their loved ones in the same condition as they arrived.

We look forward to seeing you at our volunteer quarterly safety meeting on 5/6/17.

Should you have any questions related to safety, please discuss with your lead field supervisor, your Superintendent and/or contact our Safety Director, Peter Graham at (847) 417-1689.

Have a Safe Day!

Hope to see you at the meeting so everyone can ensure they perform safely while in a scissor lift like Jason Fye!