Friday, September 2, 2011

Safety Coordinators - Monday Toolbox Talk Reminder!

Good morning to all I.D.I. employees - This is just a reminder to our group of prestige Safety Coordinators; we need your help in keeping up the safety momentum by performing your weekly toolbox talks on Monday mornings. We have noticed a drop off in the number of weekly toolbox talks and safety inspection forms being turned in by active Safety Coordinators.  These two procedures are a vital part of our safety culture and there are many reasons that we need them performed consistently.  As far as the weekly safety inspection form, Safety Coordinators should walk their job site on Monday morning before 1st break and look at the areas that our employees will be working in during that given week.  Then document any safety hazards found on the safety inspection form.  The next step is to gather our employees together at your site to perform a weekly toolbox talk on a topic that is timely or pertinent to the job site conditions, the equipment being used or based on the hazards found during your walk through safety inspection.  Read the toolbox talk to the crew of employees and talk about the topic so that everyone has a clear understanding of the training.  Then, you should report any hazards found during your walk through safety inspection to the crew of employees.  Advise them of the hazards so they know to stay clear of them and discuss together what corrective measures are to be implemented to eliminate the hazard.  If the hazard cannot be eliminated or we are not responsible for eliminating the hazard because we didn’t create it, then you should call our Safety Director to report the hazard so an abatement plan can be put into place. 

The reason we find it critical to perform these procedures on Monday mornings is because the job site may have changed over the weekend and the toolbox training is to start the week off by getting everyone focused back on safety following the weekend.  Starting off the week on a positive safety note can have a tremendous affect on reducing injuries by creating the safety awareness. 

Please do your part in promoting a positive safety culture and starting next Monday, perform the safety inspection and toolbox talk session.  Your efforts may prevent a serious injury from occurring.  Don’t forget to have everyone who was involved in the training session sign the toolbox talk roster and to turn both documents into our safety department.  If you have any questions about performing toolbox talks and/or job site safety inspections, please call our Safety Director, Peter Graham at (847) 417-1689. 
Have a Safe Day!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good morning to all I.D.I. employees:  This is a follow up reminder from our recent quarterly safety meeting held on 8/13/11 in which we covered ladder safety.  Click on the video below to see how "not" to use a ladder.  If you are using a ladder today, tomorrow or ever, please remember to use it in a safe manner whether you are at home or at work. 
Have a Safe Day!