Tuesday, February 23, 2016

5-Minute Morning Daily Safety Huddles!

Good morning to all I.D.I. employees,

I am just sending out a reminder of the new procedure that we rolled out to all employees at our volunteer quarterly safety meeting that was held on 2/13/16.  We are now requiring a mandatory 5-Minute Morning Daily Safety Huddle to be performed at every job site, every morning before anyone actually starts working.  This procedure has been put in place for your safety.  Below is a copy of the hand-out that was distributed at the 2/13/16 volunteer quarterly safety meeting.  Please contact your superintendent with any questions.

                   5-Minute Morning Daily Safety Huddle 

1.      Lead person shall conduct a mandatory 5-minute daily safety huddle first thing in the morning, every morning, with all employees.  This safety huddle is to focus our employee’s minds on safety before work commences.  The employees shall discuss any job site hazards that anyone has identified and shall discuss what they can do to eliminate or reduce the hazards to an acceptable level.  This safety huddle shall include a task hazard analysis.  The employees shall plan their tasks for the day, discuss the hazards of the tasks and what measures they are taking to prevent injury or health hazards due to the tasks and conditions.  Examples are; what equipment and materials will be needed to perform the task safely, how to use the equipment safely, PPE to be worn, inspecting electrical cords, inspecting equipment, using safety rails on scaffolds when required, locking scaffold wheels, safe ladder usage, fall protection planning, guards in place on saws and tools that require them, reporting open holes/trenches in the floor, overhead hazards, struck by hazards, etc.  Lead person shall seek employee input and involvement in the safety process.

2.      All employees shall make regular and frequent visual safety inspections throughout the day looking for hazards and reporting them to the lead person.  If hazards are identified, all employees shall stay clear of the hazards and prompt corrective measures shall be taken to eliminate the hazard or to reduce the hazard to an acceptable level of risk.  If the hazards cannot be eliminated quickly, easily and safely by our employees, the lead person shall notify the general contractor and seek out assistance with getting the hazards eliminated.  If the hazards are not being eliminated timely, the lead person shall notify their Superintendent. 

Have a Safe Day!