Friday, February 18, 2011

Today's Message - Do a J.H.A.!

Good morning to all I.D.I. employees:  Don't forget to perform a job hazard analysis today for the tasks you are performing.  Think about the tasks you are going to be performing and all the potential ways that you could get hurt doing them.  Then develop your plan to prevent yourself and others from getting injured while doing the task.  Do you have the correct PPE?  Are there electrical hazards?  Check your electrical tools and cords to ensure they are in good safe condition.  If the conditions are wet, do you have GFCI?  If scaffolding is required, do you have safety rails?  Don't forget to lock your scaffold wheels.  Is your work area clean and free of slip, trip and fall hazards?  If not, clean the area before you commence working in it.  If the area is not clean and it is others debris or materials in your way, you should notify your Foreman so he/she can communicate with the general contractor or other subcontractors on a cleanup plan before you go into the cluttered area. 

Performing a pre-task job hazard analysis is simple, only takes a few minutes and starts you off on the right foot in the battle against injuries and health hazards. 

Have a Safe Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thank You To All Who Attended Our Safety Meeting On Saturday, 2/12/11

Good afternoon to all I.D.I. employees:  We just want to say thank you to the 91 employees that attended our Saturday, 2/12/11 quarterly safety meeting.  As of today, we do not have the safety meeting show up percentages calculated.  Those numbers will be posted towards the end of the week after we receive our payroll information for the week ending, 2/12/11.  The overall turnout was tremendous as compared to the number of employees on the current payroll.  We hope that you took something away from the safety meeting that will be beneficial to you in the battle against injuries.  Thank you for supporting your safety program and International Decorators.  We truly appreciate it!  Also, we extend a big thank you to Brett Hoekman of Dee & Bee Fasteners, Matt Spelde of Ramset, Lance Krall of Hilti, Luis Moctezuma of 3M and Daniel Smith of Carboline for supporting our safety training program and providing some excellent safety training to our employees on Saturday.  If your efforts prevent even just one injury or health hazard, it was well worth it!
Have a Safe Day!