Friday, May 15, 2015

From the "I Caught You" Series

At International Decorators, we have a habit of catching our employees working safely. Below are a few action shots of our employees being caught in action working in a safe manner.

Great job everyone! You are helping us to live up to our safety mission statement which is:
"Everyone Goes Home Alive and in the Same Condition as They Arrived; Your Loved Ones Count On It."
Rodrigo Galvan was caught working safely on a ladder while tied off with fall arrest equipment using a Spider Bolt concrete fall protection anchor, retractable lanyard and safety harness.

Great job - Rodrigo!
 Jamie Martinez was caught doing the exact same thing as Rodrigo mentioned above.

You guys are doing it right!

Also, great job to Reynaldo Lagunas for coming up with this fall protection plan for this challenging situation!
Nelson Martinez was caught appropriately tying off with fall arrest equipment while working on a roof that has a low parapet wall.

Nelson is using a Standing Seam Roof Anchor as his 5,000 lb fall protection anchorage point along with a 30' cable retractable.       Great job Nelson!

Framer, Vince Cavanaugh, was caught working safely on a concrete roof while building a parapet wall.  Vince had some help with his fall protection planning from our "Competent Fall Protection Person," Kent Cutshall. Great job with planning and implementation - gentlemen!

 Drywaller, Jose Perez was caught using a portable A-frame step ladder in a safe appropriate manner.  Alejandro has the spreader arms fully open and in the locked position and he is standing on the ladder at a safe rung level height.  Jose remembered that you cannot stand on the top 2 steps of portable step ladders!
 Our tapers at Centegra Hospital have installed rebar caps over the end of their mud mixing paddles to serve as impalement protection.

Great job - Gildardo, Rafael, Fernando and the rest of your crew!
Filimon Mendez was caught safely tying off with fall arrest equipment while climbing in and out of a shaft at Centegra Hospital.

I asked Filimon what he was doing and he said - "Safety Pete, I am just hanging around."

This is what International Decorator's safety culture is all about and it is our employees/family members that make it happen!

Have a Safe Day!