Monday, December 16, 2013

Company-Wide Quarterly Safety Meetings & Safety Training Incentives Are Back!!!!!

Good afternoon to all I.D.I. employees:  We are extremely excited and happy to inform you that we have received the approval from the Chicago Carpenter's Union that we can get back to performing Volunteer Quarterly Safety Meetings with all carpenters, framers and drywall hangers.  This means that we can now get back to performing volunteer safety training with all employees and not just the painters, tapers, warehouse and office personnel. 

We also are bringing back the Safety Training Incentives of which you are eligible to receive. The 2014 Volunteer Safety Training Incentive Plan will be sent out to you in your pay check envelope one week from now, which is the week of 12/23/13 to 12/29/13, so you know when to look for it.  The format is similar to the previous format in that you can earn points for each safety meeting/training session that you attend.  What is different about the new 2014 volunteeer safety training incentive plan is that you are now eligible to earn safety training incentive points for attending our I.D.I. quarterly safety meetings and/or for taking approved safety training courses outside of the company offered ones. Here are some of the incentive plan details.  For each approved safety course that an employee completes between the period of November 1, 2013 and October 31, 2014, the employee will be rewarded with points.  At the end of the year we will calculate each employee’s yearly point totals and mail each of you a catalog in December of 2014, for which you can use to redeem your points.  The catalog will contain work wearables, and many other items.  The wearables typically include items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pants, baseball caps, winter knit hats, and much more.  The wearables will contain the International Decorators logo on them. For each safety course you complete, you will be rewarded with 100 points per hour of the course.  For example, if you complete a 4-hour 1st aid/C.P.R. course, you will have earned 400 points.  If you complete an OSHA 30-hour construction course, you would earn 3,000 points for that course.  If you attend a 2-hour long I.D.I. Quarterly Safety Meeting, you will earn 200 points. 

Where can these approved safety training courses be taken?  They are offered at your union training schools, the Construction Safety Council, Lake County Contractors Association, on-line internet course, International Decorators Inc., and many other locations. 

Below are a listing of suggested courses that would benefit both you and International Decorators:
I.D.I. quarterly safety meeting – (each meeting is typically 2 hours long)
OSHA 30-hour
1st Aid/C.P.R.
Aerial Lifts
Fall Protection
Global Harmonization System (G.H.S.) Hazcom course
Health Hazards
Respirator Training
Lead Safety
Asbestos Safety
Confined Space
Electrical Safety
Material Handling
Crane Rigging and/or Signal Person

To obtain credit for a completed safety training course, you would need to provide our Safety Director, Peter Graham, with proof of training.  You will typically be provided with a training card, certificate or some sort of documentation showing that you completed a course.  You can then send in a copy of your proof of training to Peter Graham via e-mail at, mail in a copy, fax a copy to (847) 526-7444, etc.  Peter also would need to know how many hours long each course taken was. 

If you are enrolling in a safety course, you are encouraged to call Peter Graham at (847) 417-1689, ahead of time to ensure that the safety course is an approved course that you will get safety incentive credit for.   

Final note – at the end of the year you will receive a catalog along with a letter advising of your accumulated yearly incentive point total so you can redeem your points; please redeem as many points of your point total as you can as the points are not rolled over into the next year.  You will be mailed the incentive catalog even if you are no longer employed with I.D.I. as long as you took an approved safety training course during your employment with I.D.I.

Why are we offering this volunteer safety training incentive program?  Because we care about you!  Because of our Safety Mission Statement which is: “Everyone Goes Home Alive and in the Same Condition as They Arrived; Your Loved Ones Count On It.” 

This is exciting news as we all can get back to coming together under one roof to provide vital safety training to help keep you safe, to have team camaraderie and to help maintain and sustain a positive safety culture!

Our next volunteer company-wide quarterly safety meeting will be held on February 8th, 2014.  We will be providing more details about the upcoming meeting in the near future. 

If you have any questions about this at all, please contact our Safety Director, Peter Graham at (847) 417-1689.

Have a Safe Day!