Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mini-Perry Mobile Workstands - Weight Capacities!

Good morning to all I.D.I. employees:  We often use mini-Perry mobile workstands to stand and work on.  They are a very handy piece of equipment for increasing an employee's work height as they are more portable and quicker to set up than a baker type scaffold.  These smaller scaffolds are easy to move in and out of rooms and can be carried easier in employee's vehicles.  Because the mini-Perry scaffolds are smaller than baker type scaffolds, they have a much lighter duty weight capacity rating than the baker scaffolds.  The baker scaffolds are rated at a 1,000 lb weight capacity when using a single baker scaffold.  When double stacking baker scaffolds, the weight rating drops to 850 lbs and when triple stacking the weight rating is 700 lbs.

The following are the weight rating capacities for the mini-Perry mobile workstands.  The 4' model has a 500 lb distributed load or 250 lbs per 1 platform.  The 5' model has a 600 lb distributed load or 300 lbs per 1 platform.  Please keep these weight rating capacities in mind and don't overload the mini-Perry's above the weight rating capacities as this could lead to a serious injury.  When you are using a mini-Perry scaffold to stand and work on, please remember to add together your total body weight along with your tools and materials.  If they add up to more than the weight rating capacity of the mini-Perry scaffold, then you cannot use the mini-Perry scaffold for that task.  You would need to use something along the lines of a baker scaffold, pipe scaffold, aerial lift, etc.

We don't want to see someone get injured due to something that is so easily preventable. Please keep with in the weight rating capacities when working on the mini-Perry scaffolds.  If you see someone else using a mini-Perry scaffold above the weight rated capacity, please do your part and address the matter with them as you may prevent that person from making a trip to the hospital.

If you have any questions regarding mini-Perry mobile workstand scaffolds, please contact our Safety Director, Peter Graham.

Have a Safe Day!