Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Safety Coordinator Manuals - Being Distributed!

Good morning I.D.I. Safety Coordinators,

Your current Safety Coordinator manuals are approaching being 1-years old and are probably starting to run out of safety inspection forms and toolbox talk signature rosters.  The 3-ring binders also start to get delapidated after a year's use.  We have prepared new Safety Coordinator Manuals and we are in the process of getting them distributed to our Safety Coordinators with the goal of having them in all of your hands by the end of our fiscal year which is 10/31/14 so you have them to use for the first Monday in November.  The manuals are being brought out to our Safety Coordinators at the various job sites by our Superintendents, Drivers and by Safety Pete.  If you do not receive your new manual over the next 2 weeks, please ask your Superintendent or our Safety Director about it and we will get one to you. 

We have removed some of the older toolbox talks and replaced them with some new ones that are more relevant to the types of hazards you face, equipment and/or tools that you use to offer more protection to our employees.

Safety Coordinators play a vital role in helping us to sustain our positive overall safety culture.  The 5-10 minute safety toolbox talk sessions that get performed by the Safety Coordinators on Mondays are critical in helping us in the battle against injuries.  The Monday safety toolbox talk sessions get the week started off on the right foot and help set the tone for our employees to have safety at the forefront of their minds when performing tasks.  Please take the role of being a Safety Coordinator seriously as you may prevent a fatality or serious injury and you may never know it. 

If you have any questions related to safety, please contact our Safety Director, Peter Graham at (847) 417-1689. 
Have a Safe Day!