Monday, July 28, 2014

Record Breaking Safety!

Good afternoon to all I.D.I. employees:

Congratulations goes out to everyone for achieving a new record.  International Decorators record for the past 15 years for consecutive days worked between lost-time injuries was 435 days.  We have broken that record as we are currently at 438 consecutive days since our last lost-time injury.  Awesome job, attaboy, pat on the back goes out to everyone for helping to break this record.  It takes a lot of team work for a company to come together to have such an achievement.  This is what our safety culture is all about.  It's about you "Going Home Alive and in the Same Condition as You Arrived; Your Loved Ones Count On It."  We cannot let our guard down against safety as your safety is never ending.  Let's keep this rolling and look forward to our next safety milestone date which is November 1st, 2014.  If we can work up to 11/1/14 without sustaining a lost-time injury, we will not only have worked 533 consecutive days without a lost-time injury, but we will also have gone a full workers compensation insurance policy year without a lost-time injury occuring.  This would be a win/win for everyone as this would mean that no employees sustained serious injuries, less pain and suffering to our employees and their loved ones, we should be able to bid work more competitively meaning that there is a potential for more work to be obtained so fewer employees are sitting and not working.  For the sake of your loved ones, yourself and for Pete's sake, we encourage you to continue to look out for one another and work as safe as you possibly can.  If you observe an employee not working in a safe appropriate manner, please stop them as you are doing them a favor and possibly preventing them from being injured.  If you are working at a job site that has unsafe conditions, please notify your lead field supervisor and contact our Safety Director, Safety Pete at (847) 417-1689 so we can help get the unsafe conditions rectified. 

Awesome job Everyone!
Have a Safe Day!