Tuesday, November 3, 2015

From the "I Caught You" Series

At International Decorators, we have a habit of catching our employees working safely. Below are a few action shots of our employees being caught in action working in a safe manner.

Great job everyone! You are helping us to live up to our safety mission statement which is:
"Everyone Goes Home Alive and in the Same Condition as They Arrived; Your Loved Ones Count On It."
Painter, Dan Settles was caught wearing the appropriate PPE and wearing a safety harness as he was preparing to get in a boom lift!
Carpenter, Chris Ondera was caught appropriately using fall arrest equipment while installing a mount for exterior light fixutes.  Great job Chris with your fall protection plan and implementation!

Acoustic carpenter, Bruce Rehfeldt was caught making good safe choices while in a scissor lift.  Guardrail closed, feet on the platform floor & of course Bruce is wearing the appropriate PPE!
Taper, Ismael Davila was caught pole sanding while wearing a 1/2 mask respiriator to protect him from nuisance dust.  Ismael was trained, medically evaluated and fit tested on his respirator in August.  Great job - Ismael!
Acoustic carpenter, Matt Larson was caught with his baker scaffold wheels locked while installing gasket on the ceiling grid.  Great job - Matt!
Framer, Keith Rehn was caught working safely in a boom lift.  Of course Keith is wearing a safety harness and appropriately tied off to the manbasket's fall protection anchorage point.  There is one concern though - he's wearing a Green Bay Packers hard hat which could be considered by some to be a hazard.  Great job with safety - Keith!
Below shows our employees caught be trained on Powder Actuated Tool Safety and Respirator Safety at our August Safety Meeting!

Have a Safe Day!