Thursday, June 12, 2014

Family Video of Why 2 Daughters Want Their Dad To Work Safe!

Good morning everyone,

Back in March, we asked the loved ones of our employees to write a letter or to submit a video as to why it is important for their loved one (International Decorator's, employee) to work safe. We received in a total of 5 letters and 4 videos of which all were unique in their own way and really hit it on the head as to why it is so important for our employees and for their loved ones sake, to work safe. We read the letters and showed the videos at our volunteer quarterly safety meeting which was held on 5/31/14.  In case you were not present at the meeting, below is one of the videos which was submitted by the daughters of Reynaldo Lagunas.  The daughters are Aylin age 6 and Anahi age 3.  Anahi wants her Dad to come home safe because "he is so handsome."  These girls are too cute and they sure love their Dad!

Have a Safe Day!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

OSHA Fall Prevention Safety Stand-Down (I.D.I.'s Results)

Good morning to all I.D.I. employees,

As you all know, we participated in the National OSHA Fall Prevention Safety Stand-Down on Monday, 6/2/14.  We appreciate all the Safety Coordinators getting involved and performing a fall protection toolbox talk training session with our employees in recognition of the Stand-Down.  In 2012, 269 construction workers died due to falling at work and falls are the number one cause of fatalities in construction.  It's a good thing to call a time-out to get everyone on the same page to help ensure that none of our employees are ever killed due to a fall.  International Decorators has been in business since 1952 and we have never had a fall related fatality or any work related fatality.  This is something that everyone should be proud of and hopefully enables your loved ones to feel at ease while our employees are performing construction related tasks. 

We obtained a total of 76 employee signatures on the fall protection related toolbox talk training rosters.  Great job everyone!  We hope this Safety Stand-Down was of some value to you. 

In recognition of our participation, we have obtained a Certificate of Participation from OSHA.

Have a Safe Day!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Volunteer Quarterly Safety "Make-Up" Meeting, Thursday, June 12th at 4:00pm

Good afternoon to all I.D.I. employees,

As you all know, we held our volunteer quarterly safety meeting on Saturday, 5/31/14.  We offer a volunteer make-up meeting for those that could not attend the regularly scheduled safety meeting either due to working for I.D.I. on the Saturday of the meeting or due to unforeseen circumstances, etc.

The volunteer quarterly safety make-up meeting is being held this Thursday, 6/12/14 at 4:00pm at our Barrington office.  The main safety topic for this meeting is Behavior Based Safety!

If you plan on attending, please contact our Safety Director, Peter Graham at (847) 417-1689 or by e-mail at, no later than Wednesday afternoon.  We need to know an approximate head-count for the meeting as we have to prepare materials and for chair rental purposes. 

If you have any questions, please call Peter at the above-mentioend phone number. 

Have a Safe Day!