Friday, January 17, 2020

Task-Based Safety Awareness Huddles

Good morning to all IDI employees,

How are your pre-shift Task-Based Safety Awareness Huddles going?  Make this morning's safety huddle matter!

1.  Before work commences, all IDI trades together as 1 team.

2.  Safety Advocate leads the safety huddle.  

3.  Ask the team – are there any job site hazards that we should all be aware of?

4.  Then discuss as a team our plan of action/preventative measures due to the hazards.

5.  Ask each trade group what their tasks are for the day, location of the tasks and their plan to perform the tasks safely.  (Dig Deep)

6.  Ask if anyone anticipates they will be working in awkward positions, over reaching, abnormal exertion or ongoing repetitive tasks; pre-task stretching should be implemented.

7.  If there are ongoing repetitive tasks that are causing soreness that could lead to an injury, advise the crew to inform their supervisor. (think about job rotation or switching out tasks for ongoing repetitive tasks)

8.  Ask what we can all do to prevent complacency, feeling of being rushed, fatigue and frustration from setting in.  (4 Mind States)

9.  End the safety huddle with being motivational and with trying to get everyone focused on safety, mind on task, eyes on task, not being in the line of fire and keeping balance, traction and grip.  (4 Critical Errors)

10. Be a great leader!

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